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lisa weller

Lisa combines a creative mind with a practical pair of hands. She wrapped up her BA in Music Business at Baden-Württemberg Pop Academy (with a focus on Artist Development), writing her thesis on the positioning of artists’ brands in ad campaigns, before trying out multiple internships and jobs in the music industry and pursuing several of her own music projects. Eventually, Lisa decided to apply her in-depth music expertise in the advertising sector. She knows her stuff in almost all genres – whether it’s the Top 100, indie, classical, hip-hop, Motown, or any number of different playlists. As well as managing her own projects, Lisa coordinates the WHM team and always keeps one eye on timelines and costs. She’s also the first port of call when it comes to finding the right person to talk to. Lisa determinedly battles her way through the GEMA jungle of rates and contacts and always finds a solution – even for the trickier requests. She also handles administration for our music publishing service.