mercedes benz | s-class

Client: Mercedes-Benz | Project: S-Klasse | Composer: Tobias Kuhn, Gerrit Winterstein

mercedes benz | wm campaign

Client: Mercedes-Benz | Project: WM Camapign 2014 | Song: Not Giving In (Rudimental)

vodafone | 4 billion

Client: Vodafone | Project: 4 Billion | Song: Wolves (Digitalism feat. Youngblood Hawke)

bitburger | wm 2014

Client: Bitburger | Project: WM 2014 | Composer: Steve Patuta, Steven Schwalbe, Kahlil Feegel, Tobias Wagner, Glacéia Henderson

supergeil | supercase

Short casefilm documentary about the success of the first 5 days after launching the video

zalando | amor

Client: Zalando | Project: Amor | Composer: Kahlil Feegel, Steve Patuta, Steven Schwalbe, Tobias Wagner, Glacéia Henderson